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Registration Process


Pay to register for the tryout you plan to attend



Traveling Team Tryout: Early bird registration to get a "Fast-Pass" is $75 and is valid up until 7 days before the tryout date. The rate will increase to $100 after that date up until tryouts, walk-ups welcome at the door. Registration fees are non-refundable

Make-Up Tryout: If you are trying out for the first time, the cost is $75.

If you tried at the first tryout and want to come back for a second look, the cost is $25.


Regional Tryout: Registration cost is $75

Before registering go to the Tryout Information to page to determine your tryout date by age group and the program "Type" you would like to participate in. 

Registration should be done by age group (not grade). Review the following

age definition chart >>



First time candidates who missed original tryout

Returning candidates


Complete all the registration documents and bring them to Game Point Events (either by the Fast-pass deadline or at check-in)

Please complete ALL of the following items A player may NOT participate in tryouts if any items are missing. 

Player Information Sheet

Complete the follwing form and bring to registration

USAV Medical Release Form 

Notary required, available here for $5, must have photo ID

Facility Waiver or a valid AAU membership

Sport has inherent risk, we request a release of liability

Code of Conduct

Outlines behavior expectations for athletes

COVID - 19 Return-to-play waiver

Please print and sign on day of registration

Birth certificate or valid passport

Copy required for player to participate


Check-in on Tryout day. 

All documents must be completed and turned into Game Point Volleyball in order to participate in tryouts. No exceptions. 

  • If you completed the Fast Pass option:  you will check-in at the Fast Pass line on the day of tryouts. You will receive a tryout shirt with a number. This shirt should be worn the entire time, and worn again at the call-back tryout (if call-backs are needed). 

  • If you are turning in paperwork at Check-in. All paperwork must be complete and the registration fee payed at the door. You will receive a tryout shirt with a number. This shirt should be worn the entire time, and worn again at the call-back tryout (if call-backs are needed)t. We encourage you to do the fast pass option to avoid any paperwork errors at the door that may inhibit your ability to tryout. 


Pay season deposit

If you have been selected to play on a team during tryouts you will need to submit a deposit of $500 in order to secure your spot. Season fee's will be shared with the family upon consideration before committing to the season. If you leave without accepting the position, or putting down a deposit, we will not be able to hold your position and it will be given to the next eligible player.

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