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Getting recruited has become even more of a challenge in this current environment. This event allows athletes to demonstrate their abilities to college coaches nationwide.  There are over 450,000 girls participating in high school volleyball programs. There is only slightly over a 1% chance of an athlete playing collegiate volleyball at either a D1, D2, or D3 institution. It is crucial that athletes BE SEEN. 

Due to COVID-19  the college playing season for many schools has been shifted into the club season. Travel will be limited for both coaches and players.  This limits recruiters from seeing as many players in-person.  College recruiters are not be able to evaluate athletes in the same way they have in the past. We are therefore please to bring you the 2020 GP College Showcase.  This is a virtual event for players seeking to play collegiately. This event is open to Elite Players in the graduating classes of 2021 -  2022  - 2023  - 2024 - 2025. We have extended the invitation to 2,900 coaches nationwide. Don't miss out. Space is limited

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The Showcase will take place December 4th, 2020. Players should register in advance to secure their spot. Spaces are limited. Must have a current AAU membership to participate. 

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm   -   Registration and profile picture

6:00pm-6:30pm         -   Progressive Warm up

6:30pm-7:30pm         -   Coach led wash drills

7:30 pm-8:30pm        -   Timed scrimmages

A tryout t-shirt with your tryout number will be provided at check-in

You will be broken into groups by your graduation class (not your age)

Players should come dressed ready to play. Bring your own water bottle and participation gear. See our CDC GUIDELINES for full safety measures

A video link will be provided to players upon request. This video will be helpful in your future recruiting correspondence with potential schools. 


The cost to register is $125

Registration is currently open. We encourage you to register early as registration will close once the event is full. 

Participants should register according to their graduation year. 2021 - 2022  - 2023  - 2024 - 2025

A current AAU membership is required in order to participate. If you do not have one go to AAU MEMBERSHIP

On the day of the Showcase you will check-in to receive a t-shirt with a showcase number to be worn during the event. You will be given a color that corresponds to your graduation year. 

Accommodations are available HERE>


Invitations have been extended to 2,900+ colleges across the country. Interested schools will be allowed to: 

  • Attend in person

  • Participate live virtually

  • Request a video recording of the event

College coaches wishing to participate  

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