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The Game Point facility will be following state regulations and the CDC guidelines to adhere to minimum safety protocol. Your safety is our top priority and our processes continue to evolve. 


Upon entry:​

  • Masks are required for staff and spectators. They are encouraged for players when not participating in live games or practices. 

  • Upon entry everyone will have their temperature taken Including staff, players, coaches) 

  • Anyone whose temperature exceeds 100.4 will not be allowed in the facility

  • Each day all entrants are required to have a completed and signed participation waiver


Facility protocol

  • Practice 6’ social distancing at all times

  • Please be courteous: Cover your cough or sneeze, wash your hands, and spectators should wear a mask

  • Courts, Flooring and touchable services will be thoroughly cleaned each night.

  • Balls are disinfected using a UV system

  • Touchable services will be regularly cleaned throughout the day

  • Water fountains will be closed.

  • No more than two at a time allowed in bathrooms. If stalls are not available guests should wait outside. 

  • Facemasks should be worn when not playing.

  • Bleachers will be available with 6 ft spacing. There will be areas that will not be allow and will be marked off.

  • Concessions will be closed. Minimal seating available

  • We ask each person to wash their hand frequently while in the building.

  • There will be an Entrance door and a separate Exit door for all people to enter and exit the building.


Tournament and Camp protocol

  • Players and families are asked to not congregate outside when athletes are in the building. 

  • In the early stages of reopening facilities are typically allowed to be at 25-30%. We will move slowly into a safe capacity for the building.

  • Players will not shake hands after matches.

  • Players will be required to stand apart on the sidelines

  • No touching allowed during substitutions

  • During time outs Players should remain spaced

  • Each team should bring their own warm up balls/equipment and be sanitizing after each match.

  • Game balls will be sanitized after each match

  • Players are encouraged to sanitize their hands after each match and between sets.

  • Players need to bring their own water for camps and games, water fountains will not be available for use.


Please report any violations to a staff member

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